"Music is the cup that holds the wine of silence. Sound is that cup, but empty. Noise is that cup, but broken.”

Robert Fripp

"Le rôle de l'artiste créateur est de créer des lois, non pas de suivre celles qui sont déjà faites"
Ferruccio Busoni

"Go, go, go! ... Go! go! ..."
John Lee Hooker


Conférence sur rien

The movie "Conférence sur rien", a french reading by Eve Couturier of the John Cage's "Lecture on nothing"
is part of the movies' program in the exhibition "Cage's Satie: composition for museum"
This exhibition, curated by Laura Kuhn, director of the John Cage Trust in New-york, is presented in Lyon (France) at the contemporary art museum "Mac-Lyon" until the 30th of december 2012.
The movie is shown each day at 12.55 pm.

movie by Jean-Jacques Palix
french translation & lecture par Eve Couturier 

duration : 52 minutes 

Paris - 2002

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