”La terre, il se pourrait bien après tout que ce soit une espèce
de merveilleux petit appareil enregistreur, plaçé là par on ne sait qui,
pour capter tous les bruits qui circulent mystérieusement dans l’Univers.”
Pierre Reverdy - ”En vrac” - 1929

”J’entends tous les bruits de la terre grâce à mes oreilles et mes nerfs de cristal
dans lesquels circulent le feu du ciel et celui des volcans.”
Michel Leiris - ”Le point cardinal” - 1927

"Go, go, go! ... Go! go! ..."
John Lee Hooker


Machine à bruits

A special machine to generate sounds for your movies!

& some other details on "Chercheurs de sons"


Carla Kihlstedt, Moe Staiano and Mattias Bossi rehearse an original composition
for the upcoming "Music for 16 Futurist Noise Intoners"
at the Novellus Theater in Yerba Buena Center for the Arts- 2009





La famosa cancion "Gloria", mexicana version con Los Rockin' Devils

                                           >>> gloria <<<

Sangre por sangre

"El Cartel de Santa", la llegada del narco rap en Mexico...


Cana sabador

Recorded last week in Tepoztlan (Morelos, Mexico), the policeman in charge to regulate the traffic converse with birds, but no birds in that recording!


Excerpt from the famous mexican movie "El rey del barrio" (1949) directed by Gilberto Martínez Solares,
Tin Tan is dancing with Yolanda "Tongolele" Montes
The song "Cabio sili", never released on record, is interpreted by the great cuban singer Benny More,
who is not visible  in that movie.
The orchestra is probably conducted by Perez Prado o El Conjunto Matamoros?
The second part of the music is a great traditional "bata" rythm, used as semi-religious purposes
for the Yoruba's culture in Nigeria, as well in "Santerias" in Cuba.


Karaoke in Mexico DF

                                     in  Mexico city


Un mundo raro

with the great and infinite Chavela Vargas

                         Chavela Vargas younger

Mexican dance


Fukushima - Les témoins

Fukushima - Les témoins (the witnesses)

Elegant tribute to what happened in Fukushima last year,
an electronic sculpture by Eric Vernhes with a right music and sound score

Stay tuned

A real amazing song written by Anja Garbarek and singed by Robert Wyatt