”La terre, il se pourrait bien après tout que ce soit une espèce
de merveilleux petit appareil enregistreur, plaçé là par on ne sait qui,
pour capter tous les bruits qui circulent mystérieusement dans l’Univers.”
Pierre Reverdy - ”En vrac” - 1929

”J’entends tous les bruits de la terre grâce à mes oreilles et mes nerfs de cristal
dans lesquels circulent le feu du ciel et celui des volcans.”
Michel Leiris - ”Le point cardinal” - 1927

"Go, go, go! ... Go! go! ..."
John Lee Hooker



Dedicated to Maurizio Kagel, "Etude N°9" for piano was created by Ligeti circa 1990, using chromatic scales to create a sensation of fall without end. Influenced by the works of Conlon Nancarrow for mechanical piano, he wanted "unplayable" arrangements.
"Vertige" (title of etude N°9) was transcribed for the Player Piano under the direction of Ligeti himself.

and played by the pianist Thibaut Surugue



Guitar trio

Rhys Chatham's amazing piece called "guitar trio", played here in CAC de Bretigny sur Orge, in June 2011. Performers are Rhys himself, Nina Canal (part of the seminal band "Ut") , Jean François Pauvros and  Ahmad Compaoré.


RIP Kevin Ayers

A short interview & a song (from his album "Shooting at the moon") with the brilliant Kevin Ayers who was the pioneering founder of "Soft Machine" and made this memorable new sound that caught on quickly in the psychedelic 1960s!‬ As well Kevin Ayers worked with Brian Eno, John Cale, Mike Oldfield, Nico and others. He was closely associated with the Canterbury Scene.

a late interview by catalan television Sputnik (in spanish, french & english langage)



"Love of Life Orchestra", the seminal band founded by Peter Gordon and David Van Tieghem, was a major combo of the downtown music scene in New York in the late 70s,  innovating in matter of disco and proto-funk.

Early members of the band included Laurie Anderson, Blue Gene Tyranny, Rhys Chatham, Arthur Russell, Jill Kroesen, Scott Johnson, Peter Zummo and the experimental novelist and playwriter Kathy Acker.

"Siberia", live at CBGB in 1982

as well this music <<<here>>>  , well noticed by our commentator Jac Debout


Ear to the ground

An amazing stroll in New York City with David Van Tieghem playing a huge instrument.
The 1985's movie was directed by John Sanborn & Kit Fitzgerald.
David Van Tieghem is well known for his collaborations with Laurie Anderson, as well to have worked with numerous musicians as Steve Reich, Brian Eno, Peter Gordon, John Zorn, Arthur Russell and many others of the 80's New York 'scene.

& more about David Van Tieghem


Le son des silences

2 extraits des commentaires et références transmis  par Samon Takahashi dans "Le son des silences". 
(non encore publié)

Son article "OUT-SIDERS [Experiments on the vinyl medium]" est publié dans le N° 2 de la revue de musique expérimentale  TACET sous l'égide de Matthieu Saladin
(ouvrage bi-lingue french/english / disponible dans les lieux de commerce respectables)

download as pdf here

"L'absence de sillon est propice à la navigation hasardeuse de la pointe sur un océan de
vide et les exemples ne manquent pas. Ainsi, le conceptuel Record Without A Groove
21 de Christian Marclay, le Do Nothing 22 de Due Process, miroir sans ton de son Do Damage, le Zero Song Flexi 23 de Gerogerigegege, où le message "silence is the best music" laisse résonner l’espoir d’une chanson universelle, le Record 1 24 du Telium Group, au néant glissant, ou encore la face B de How To Destroy Angels de Coil, invitation au voyage dans un Absolute Elsewhere."25

" The Nothing Record Album 35 par No Artist y répond partiellement usant de fausses citations prêtées à des personnages vantant les morceaux vides aux titres plus hilarants les uns que les autres de cette compilation caustique sortie anonymement, pirate de tous les silences possibles et dont la “lyric sheet“ immaculée complète un poster grand format d'un blanc parfait. La possibilité de jouer l’album à toutes les vitesses augmente les variations du plaisir de l’ouïe et, comme l’apostrophe de Stevie Wonder le certifie sur la jaquette : “it sounds as good as it looks."  .............

21 - Christian Marclay – Untitled (Record Without A Groove) - Lp - Ecart Editions - Suisse - 1987
22 - Due Process – Do Nothing - Lp - RRRecords - Etats-Unis - 1988
23 - The Gerogerigegege – Zero Song Flexi - Flexi-Disc - Vis A Vis Audio Arts - Japon - 1993
24 - Telium Group – Record1 - 7“ - Magnatone Products - Etats-Unis - 1991
25 - Coil – How To Destroy Angels - 12“ - Laylah Anti-Records - Belgique - 1984

35 - Auteur inconnu - The Nothing Record Album - Lp - Solid Gold Records - Canada - 1974
(execellent album que je ré-écoute régulièrement et qui a le privilège de s'enrichir avec le temps et les écoutes)


Working title

A travers une vingtaine d'essais de musicologues, critiques et historiens de l'art, et d'entretiens avec Phill Niblock, directeur de la fondation "Experimental Intermedia", cet excellent ouvrage offre un panorama des activités, depuis les années 1960, de l'artiste-musicien new-yorkais, compositeur majeur du courant minimaliste américain et artiste multimédia.

"Le changement se produit de telle sorte qu'on entend pas fondamentalement  un changement de note mais un changement dans la manière dont on entend cette note."
Robert Ashley about Phill Niblock's music

Le livre en bilingue (french & english) est édité par les Presses du réel et contient deux DVDs offrant environ 8 heures de films.

disponible chez  Souffle Continu  &  Bimbo Tower



As general rule, the "voicepipe" is a maritime term : a simply pipe where you talk down it.
Such systems appear to have been quite common in homes and offices in the first half of 20th century.


7 scories

"7 scories", a new opus by Paul Collins & Palix : 7 tracks created in 2009 for Festival Pied Nu
in Le Havre (France), remixed in 2012 & released by "Care Not Care" label.

to buy:  
Souffle Continu 
Bimbo Tower

contact: care.not.care@gmail.com
"Care Not Care" records and books can be found and ordered though our favourite artists bookstore in Europe: Florence Loewy Books by Artists


a review in VITAL WEEKLY - number 871 - week 9

 'Scorie' is of course not a real word. It's a combination of 'score' and 'story', and the two musicians see their work as 'assisted improvisations: improvisations that are recorded, remixed, learned, replayed, re-recorded, re-remixed' etc.' We have one Palix here on laptop. He's a man that does the field recordings, electro-acoustic sounds and electronics. Paul Collins, an older gentleman (who saw Soft Machine play at the age of fourteen, so go figure), plays sruti box, guitar, piano and effects. They worked together before, on an album called 'Wipe Out' (2005), which I didn't hear. Six of the seven pieces here were recorded in 2009, while one piece is from 2007. All of these pieces were recorded live, but 'newly remixed and remastered'. It still sounds, most of the times, like a live release, so it's a bit unclear for me what this 'replayed, re-recorded, re-remixed' is all about. I thought this had to do with taking a bunch of live recordings and cut 'n paste these recordings together and make up an entirely new pieces. But the second piece (all untitled) sound pretty much like a straight forward live recording. The improvised aspect of this music is pretty high obviously and that is hidden away in the fact of some sort of processing, post-editing or anything like that. There is however an element of drone music in here, through the use of the sruti box, guitar and effects, in which piano, objects and field recordings sit in quite nicely. So it's not always the most traditional kind of improvised music, but also not really quite difficult to access. It crosses over between improvised music with a slight jazz like feeling, musique concrete and drone. Maybe not something that stuck immediately, but was quite pleasant to hear. (FdW) 

snippets by Anaïs Prosaïc

"Univers sonores hallucinatoires
frontières brouillées du rêve éveillé et de l'insomnie,
pulsation tribale née de la mécanique des bruits
abstract techno ténébreuse
sons continus de claviers coincés
décomposition du vacarme harmonisé
brouillage de sons riches et denses
pour science-fiction déglinguée
filtrages et manipulations
ambient ..."