”La terre, il se pourrait bien après tout que ce soit une espèce
de merveilleux petit appareil enregistreur, plaçé là par on ne sait qui,
pour capter tous les bruits qui circulent mystérieusement dans l’Univers.”
Pierre Reverdy - ”En vrac” - 1929

”J’entends tous les bruits de la terre grâce à mes oreilles et mes nerfs de cristal
dans lesquels circulent le feu du ciel et celui des volcans.”
Michel Leiris - ”Le point cardinal” - 1927

"Go, go, go! ... Go! go! ..."
John Lee Hooker



Sweet and gentle

Eartha Kitt and Perez Prado did collaborate in the 50s, and released this record, perfect example of latin and jazz crossover...

Eartha Kit and Perez Prado: Sweet and Gentle



 Paolo Gioli è nato a Sarzano di Rovigo nel 1942. Si occupa di pittura, litografia e serigrafia.
Dal 1968 sviluppa le sue ricerche di stampo sperimentale con le tecniche del film, della fotografia e del video.

"Filmarilyn" - 1992
A haunting short movie by animating photographs taken by Bert Stern of Marilyn Monroe shortly before she died at the age of 36, fifty years ago today.  The original soundtrack was silent.


Viola audio

Just 3 choices for sound!

Free noisers

A great historical meeting : John Zorn and Keiji Haino @ Gospel, Sengawa, Tokyo - 1991

&  just let's appreciate the silence at the begining & the end of the piece...



Baron samedi

An excerpt of the new choregraphy of Alain Buffard, at théâtre de Nîmes,
premieres on tuesday 24th and wenesday 25th of april 2012,
with "Mack the knife" (Kurt Weill)

sung by Dorothée Munyaneza, with Seb Martel and Sarah Murcia



Cymbalvm pataphysicvm

An extract of the 1970's cassette, tribute to Luc Etienne, the famous pataphysician.
Luc Etienne published his first "patapèteries" In 1952 in the "Cahiers du Collège de Pataphysique".

"Java javanaise" , played by Cyril Lefebvre (guitar) , Joseph Racaille (piano) and Dora Lou (vocal)

"Par les soins de la Sous-Commission des Cliques et des Claques"


An excerpt of my friend Cédrick Eymenier' s movie, part of his "platform"  serie,
visiting great cities in the world... Tokyo, Chicago, Frankfurt, London ... etc...
The music of that one is by Stephan Mathieu



Listen to the radio

Pictures by the famous malian photographer Seydou Keïta

"Nous sommes tous des transistors, au sens littéral du terme. Les ondes arrivent, les antennes les captent..."
Karlheinz Stockhausen



Incantation 2

At Eglise Saint Merri, in the context of a Sonic Protest event, Keiji Haino offered us an amazing performance... one of the best sound event I listened for a few years!
Inspired by the radical writings of Antonin Artaud, he is as well heavily appealed by the Japanese musical concept of 'Ma', the silent spaces in music.



Story of modern music in Ethiopia, a long article (in french language) of our friend Francis Falceto, founder of the famous records' collection "Ethiopiques" on Buda Music label.


you can find good ethiopian archives  <<<HERE>>>


La gomina

A portrait of Cyril Lefebvre - 1983

         Cyril Lefbvre & Mike Cooper @ Chantenay Jazz Festival

          and the movie of 1983



"Eloge de rien" par Sirine Fattouh

"nothing's praise" (in french langage) 

à consulter ou à télécharger (free) à la Bibliothéque Fantastique




Yesterday at "Présences électroniques" in Paris Alessandro Bosetti  did a great performance yesterday with his "Mask Mirror 2.0" piece.
Where a dialogue is established between his own natural voice and other recorded voices, and when the talk become impossible, drowned by  concrete sounds.

As sound artist, performer and composer, his work explore the fringes in between spoken language
and music and sound. His "zwölfzungen" piece (released in 2010 as one of my best CD of the last two years)
is a real pertinent association of different languages he does not understand with music
composed in relationship with these speaks as they sounds.

Another interesting work in 2007 when people sing madrigals of Gesualdo ...

Dreams of the blinds

"Dreams" is an experience of music mediated through animated text by Yannis Kyriakides

on his Unsounds label

"Dreams", collects the large scale ensemble works performed by Ensemble MAE and ASKO Ensemble.
The DVD is in PAL format and also contains the films in computer and mobile device formats, as well as MP3 Audio, and PDFs of the scores.
"Dreams of the Blind" recently received the Dutch Willem Pijper Prize for musical innovation.



Tacet, a brillant publication around John Cage directed by Matthieu Saladin.
(in english and french langage) 

with contributions by Matthieu Saladin, Philip Gentry, Sarah Troche, Jean Yves Bosseur,
Xavier Erkizia, Seth Kim-Cohen, Michel Pisaro, Sophie Stévance, Mattin, Jérôme Noetinger,
Radu Malfatti & Toshiya Tsunoda
as well John Cage' documents

Tacet : s. m. Mot latin qu'on écrit sur une partie de musique pour indiquer que la voix ou l'instrument doit garder le silence pendant toute la durée du morceau ou du mouvement. Fig. et familièrement: tenir, garder le tacet, ne pas parler, ne pas dire un secret.

"... the word "experimental" is apt, providing it is understood not as descriptive of an act to be later 
judged in terms of success and failure, but simply as of an act the outcome of which is unknown."
John Cage, Silence

Silence again