"Music is the cup that holds the wine of silence. Sound is that cup, but empty. Noise is that cup, but broken.”

Robert Fripp

"Le rôle de l'artiste créateur est de créer des lois, non pas de suivre celles qui sont déjà faites"
Ferruccio Busoni

"Go, go, go! ... Go! go! ..."
John Lee Hooker



Blueblut is an austrian band formed in 2013 by the american artist Pamelia Stickney, who plays theremin with Mark Holub on drums  & Chris Janka on guitar.

Pamelia Stickney is a famous theremin's player who use to play alone or in combination with other performers.
Her background as a jazz musician on the upright bass has led to develop a "walking bass" theremin technique.
With her rough way of playing, when necessary, Pamelia Stickney can compete with other female virtuosas who play this magical instrument, as Dorit Chrysler or Pamela Kurstin, her double under heteronym <> She published CDs and performs from 1999.

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