"Music is the cup that holds the wine of silence. Sound is that cup, but empty. Noise is that cup, but broken.”

Robert Fripp

"Le rôle de l'artiste créateur est de créer des lois, non pas de suivre celles qui sont déjà faites"
Ferruccio Busoni

"Go, go, go! ... Go! go! ..."
John Lee Hooker


Morton Feldman


A fascinating conversation of Morton Feldman with the composer Charles Shere in 1967. (on archiv.org)
Which speaks of John Cage, Karl Marx, Christian Wolff , Stockhausen, Anton Webern... and many others.

Created by the American painter Mark Rothko, Rothko Chapel is a spiritual environment, a space for contemplation where men and women, believers or not, may meditate in silence, in solitude or in a common celebration. In this chapel, built in 1971 by the Menil Foundation in Houston-Texas, Rothko painted fourteen large canvases.

enjoy the amazing 1971 piece "Rothko Chapel"
for soprano, contralto, doble choir & 3 instruments 


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