"Music is the cup that holds the wine of silence. Sound is that cup, but empty. Noise is that cup, but broken.”

Robert Fripp

"Le rôle de l'artiste créateur est de créer des lois, non pas de suivre celles qui sont déjà faites"
Ferruccio Busoni

"Go, go, go! ... Go! go! ..."
John Lee Hooker


A l'écoute


Troisième bobine du dossier "Filmer la musique" publié par "Revue et corrigé"
Dans ce numéro de Mars 2014, entretien avec Anaïs Prosaïc, réalisatrice de nombreux films sur des musiciens aussi divers que Marc Ribot, Sylvie Courvoisier, Patti Smith, Cesaria Evora, Eliane Radigue, Mahmoud Ahmed & le Either Orchestra ...

"... The eight chapters of  "L'Écoute Virtuose / Virtuos Listening" are demarcated by images of the surface activity of water, both the water imagery and titling  foreshadowed in the 2006 film. Prosaic is content to allow her portrait of Radigue to be limned via the conventions of such documentaries: archival footage, anecdotes, interviews and performances. She trusts the subject to be sufficiently compelling without the superfluous and self-conscious filmic gestures that irritate the viewer in less confident filmmakers.  The imagery is distilled down to water and the mirror-mind experience of hearing Radigue's music. The listening experience is filmed chiefly during the staggering Triptych concert series, an event honoring Radigue's work held June 12-26, 2011 at various venues around London. Of the eight concerts comprising that event, Prosaic focuses on performances by, and interviews with, Rhodri Davies, Bruno Martinez, Carol Robinson, Charles Curtis, Kaffe Matthews, Kaspar T. Toeplitz, Ryoko Akama, and Emmanuel Holterbach..."
 excerpt of  review by Jesse Goin on his blog  "crowwithnomouse" last january

Extraits du film "L'écoute virtuose", autour de l'univers musical d' Eliane Radigue.
Directed by Anaïs Prosaïc - produced by Stéphane Jourdain for "La Huit"

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