"Music is the cup that holds the wine of silence. Sound is that cup, but empty. Noise is that cup, but broken.”

Robert Fripp


Mikrophonie 1

"Mikrophonie 1" is a piece for tam-tam, 2 microphones and 2 electronic filters and controlers, created by Stockhausen in 1964. In this live piece, "the microphone is used actively as a musical instrument, in contrast to its former passive function of reproducing sounds as faithfully as possible" (K.S. 1971): just to reveal "inaudible vibrations", by an active process of sound detection.

Stockhausen decided to categorize the sounds according to their perceived qualities: groaning, trumpeting, whirring, hooting, roaring, grating, chattering, wailing, sawing, ringing, choking, cawing, clacking, snorting, chirping, hissing, grunting, crunching, clinking, tromboning, scraping ...

(c.a.d. en français : gémir, claironner, vrombir, huer, rugir, griller, bavarder, se lamenter, scier, sonner, suffoquer, croasser, claquer, renifler, gazouiller, siffler, grogner, croquer, cliqueter, tromboner, gratter... )

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"Mikrophonie 1", a pure piece of jewel : enjoy!

"I searched for ways to compose — flexibly — also the process of microphone recording. The microphone . . . would have to become a musical instrument and, on the other hand, through its manipulation, influence all the characteristics of the sounds. In other words, it would have to participate in forming the pitches — according to composed indications — harmonically and melodically, as well as the rhythm, dynamic level, timbre and spatial projection of the sounds." (K.S. 1971)

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