”La terre, il se pourrait bien après tout que ce soit une espèce
de merveilleux petit appareil enregistreur, plaçé là par on ne sait qui,
pour capter tous les bruits qui circulent mystérieusement dans l’Univers.”
Pierre Reverdy - ”En vrac” - 1929

”J’entends tous les bruits de la terre grâce à mes oreilles et mes nerfs de cristal
dans lesquels circulent le feu du ciel et celui des volcans.”
Michel Leiris - ”Le point cardinal” - 1927

"Go, go, go! ... Go! go! ..."
John Lee Hooker


Dust Breeders

"Dust Breeders" is a french musical band mainly composed by Michel Henritzi, Thierry Delles & Yves Botz. Sometimes the japanese vocalist Junko join them.
Using slot-in record players, they generate an impressive wall of sound, larsens, noise, in a rock attitude.
Their performances are memorable, for your ears, as well your eyes.

*** at Instants Chavirés - Paris *** 

  A MUST !!!


More accordions

    The Hohner Accordion orchestra, 1931

    Erstes Kölner Akkordeon-Orchester 1935

    Quintette féminin d'accordéons - Paris - France - circa1950

    Martin Lukins Juniorettes- UK - 1960

     Nürnberger Akkordeonorchester Willi Münch - 1961

    Jugend Akkordeon Orchester Wesseling - Rheinland - 1967

    Novelty accordion advertising


The wind

The iranian master of kamancheh Kayhan Kalhor with the turkish baglama player Erdal Erzincan exploring improvisation at the nexus where Persia and Turkey meet, live at  Vahdat Hall Concert.

an extract of a pure jewel...


Accordions' orchestras

   Quintette féminin d'accordéon de Paris - 1955

     Quintette féminin d'accordéon de Paris - 1957

     unknown band

     unknown band - circa 1950

    Aldershot Accordion Club - England-1933

     Rundfunkorchester Henri Coene - Netherland - 1948  


El Rey del Compás

Juan d'Arienzo (1900-1976), violin player and famous tango conductor, using a strong staccato with 5 bandoneon' players.
Amazing tango!


& an anecdote by Joe Vasquenz of Ohio:

"While reading about your restoration of D'Arienzo's music, I was reminded of a story my dad told me involving Juan D'Arienzo. My dad (Sal Vasquenz) went to the "clubs" on Saturday nights to dance, actually they were huge neighborhood recreation centers that on weekends had live tango orquestras for dancing. The real bands like D'Arienzo, de Angelis, etc., not wannabe bands. Because Buenos Aires was and is so large, and there were so many of these milongueras going on at one time, the orquestra leaders had 2, maybe 3 bands going at one time, in different centers, and he would spend a couple of hours or so at each one and then move on to the next. Anyway, my dad liked to dance valses, as well as tangos. 
This one particular night, D'Arienzo was playing in La Boca, a very rough area at the time (I don't know how it is today), and all the orquestra played were tangos. After D'Arienzo had shown up for a while, my dad went up to him to request a vals. D'Arienzo told him that he would like to oblige and under different circumstances it wouldn't be a problem. Then he asked my dad to take a close look to see the kind of characters that were on the dance floor. Then D'Arienzo said, "Do you know what these guys would do to me and my orquestra if I played a vals?" They both smiled at each other, my dad understanding perfectly that no valses were going to be played that night."